There's various of materials we used for our product, we keep searching different environment-friendly materials in each handbag design.

Recycled leathers
[Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0]
Known as Genuine Leather or Upcycled Leather
composite of shredded discarded leather collected from the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, boots, handbags, furniture etc.
casual material for everyday look. The nylon are durable, with an excellent strength to weight ratio.
Organic cotton:
 will use as lining in selected design styles. It saves almost half of all Co2 produced when being grown in comparison to conventional cotton. 
We ensure that our suppliers and manufacturer in Johor, Malaysia & Guangzhou, China are well-certified. We are pleased to ensure our customer that our products are ethically-made with loved.
Recycled leather swatches
Vegetable-tanned Leather:
A traditional tanning process leather without using toxic chemical.
Being an entirely organic material, vegetable tanned leather will change ( patina) over time. It has great durability and strength that will last several lifetimes.


All packaging we used are recyclable
Recycle each instead of throwing box and paper away.
Packaging Materials
All packaging materials are made in Malaysia.
We hope to bring 'Sustainable Fashion' to everyone.