Independent Handbag Designer Awards 2020 Finalist

This year 2020, We are grateful to be nominated as the IHDA 2020 finalist in 2 categories:

  1. The Mr. Bags by American Leather & co.
  2. The Animal Prints Bag inspired by Nine West.

IHDA 2020 finalist

Independent Handbag Designer Awards Finalist link:

Although the designer (Michael Lee) didn't make it to the winner, Michael was felt the honor to be the 1st Malaysian to be selected in the awards since 2007.

A little message to all the talented designers, please don't give up your dream and your talent. I have applied the awards 3 times since 2015 and got nominated in 2020. Although I graduated from Interior design, my passion for fashion never ended and the study experience lead me to blend in the fashion and interior design to my handbag design.

Thank you to all supporters and organizer for the award, we will continue to support it and apply it again in the coming future no matter what.